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Property Solutions

   Property Solutions

Buying/Selling Property

Clay & Bricks provide comprehensive services to buy/sell major premium retail, commercial and industrial properties across India. It includes properties ranging from malls, showrooms, offices, workplace, hotels, to the big scale industries like factory, warehouse, IT park, industrial complex, mixed used or BTS (build to suit) property.

In the fast-running pace, people do not have time to divert their focus from their main business to buy or sell retail properties. Conducting surveys, flipping through properties, or endeavouring to get the right buyer, and handling legal assistance, is not an easy task. Only cracking a deal does not solve the buy/sell process hazards, loan or mortgage concerns, fitouts or repairing considerations issues.

Clay & Bricks offers in depth knowledge, consultancy, and ‘meet the need’ services in all premium retail, commercial and industrial property segments. Under Foreign Exchange Management Act, 1999 (FEMA), we assist international partnership to buy or sell premium property across PAN India.

Our scalable solution simplifies the buying and selling process through following steps:

To ensure seamless execution, Clay & Bricks takes into account certain crucial

Project Marketing

Target the market with the right audience with our in-depth market research. The founder of Clay & Bricks, Mr Gaganjot Singh, holds 18 years of experience in project marketing and has mastered the art of positioning a project that does not fail to entice people. Our proactive experts set a precise metric that drives through every segment and supports the plan. We entertain a large spectrum of clients right from single store retailers to multi-store chains, large scale developments, highstreets, mixed use projects, and diverse retail property across India.

Project Management

The accomplishment of a project depends on the calibre of the project manager who manifests the time and cost criteria. Clay & Bricks holds a significant perception to set such criteria by formulating the right equation for each project. With our national and international partners and associates, we undertake projects across the retail, industrial, and commercial sectors in India. Our project management incorporates all construction dynamics right from conception to inception with advanced technique and strategy. It includes consultation, architectures, contractors, supply and chain management, risk management, health and safety management, fit-outs, execution, monitoring, and closer.

Our work platter has more than 10 success anecdotes of delivering projects across PAN India and Malaysia. We visualize the ‘end’ at primary level and begin the project to avoid any technical glitches and to roll with inevitable setbacks. The team at Clay & Bricks is cautious enough to utilize resources efficiently that deliver strong outcomes considering time and budget.

Design and Layout

Through design and layout, Clay & Bricks offers a combination of creative avenues with pragmatic solutions that enhance the first impression of your mall, showroom, offices, workplace, or any real estate. In association with global architects, consultants, and developers, we deliver state of the art property that define global culture. Through Joint Venture (JV), Joint Development (JD) and Development Management (DM), we assist to keep your capital alive and to give a premium touch to the project that entices people in every respect. Our metrics-driven technology to design, develop, and deliver your property, assures to hit the right chord of your ambition.

Based on a beta risk management program and our wide network of experts, Clay & Bricks offers you the following benefits.

Property portfolio management

To enjoy good revenue ratio and to avoid financial calamities, proper portfolio management is a must. Clay & Bricks assist to monitor and manage your property portfolio that establishes sustainable cash flow, enables effortless loan repay, balances mortgage and maintenance expenses. Our experts sensitize the clients to switch or target the non-working property according to the booming location, demand, sector or connectivity. We determine the client’s purpose, ambition, timeline, and feasibility to play safe and increase the growth of income.

Advisory and Valuation

Economic uncertainty and rapid globalization mystify the real estate sector. Professional advisory and valuation augment the process of decision making and optimizing business goals.

Clay & Bricks consultancy services deliver unrivalled advisory to the real estate owners, brand owners, landlords, developers, and institutional investors. Our exceptional proactive team, efficient services, and in-depth knowledge synergized to create rewarding opportunities and premium landmarks on global/Indian platforms.

Powered by exceptional liaisoning skills, exemplary barter collaboration, we make sure to complete the life cycle of any complex project or eliminate any financial peril that hinders business objectives.

As per our ethics pyramid showcase 3T’s i.e., Trust, Transparency, and Total solution, we practice by delivering data-driven valuation, Government advisory, legal assistance, and competitive edge.

Our advisory and valuation services include:

Feasibility Analysis

The union of risk and feasibility may be a paradox, but Clay & Bricks possess the dominance over rational evaluation of the real estate industry.

Our techno analysis, based on the smart feasibility software, facilitates the decision-making process. It provides a right conjecture about the profit-making area, and if required, prepares the client to bear inevitable risk at a minimum.

Whether it is a mall, showroom, high-street, hotel, workspace, or brand, we evaluate the establishment according to the diverse attractiveness of the property.

Feasibility analysis at Clay & Bricks determines the ‘Entry’ of a new venture, ‘Renaissance’ of the existing firms, and ‘Exit’ of a frangible business by evaluating certain dimensions;

Zone Management

Zone management is a growing phenomenon that helps to complete retail cycle smart ways. It has set a new paradigm to bridge the gap between prospective customers, responsible occupiers, and the desired products.

At Clay & Bricks, the zone management confirms the sense of luxury that commands the highest traffic and boosts sales.

Our integrated zone management services convert visitors into potential buyers and create a distinct image of malls, showrooms, and high-streets by formulating the right tenant mix, and redefining areas.

The zone management revolves around five main elements:
1) Design & Layout- The design and Layout are the back bone of any project.
2) Hot-cold zone- The hot zone is the area where maximum visitors throng with a high probability of impulse buying. In many cases, Clay & Bricks has successfully pushed the sales of quality brands by switching zone from cold to hot.
3) High traffic- High traffic influence high conversion ratio. We help to establish balance between desired products/services and prospect visitors that enhance frequency of foot traffic.
4) Impulse shopping- Through heat maps and video analysis our experts set a dimension that drives impulse sales and fine-tune the market mix.
5) Availability of diverse requirements- Hypermarkets, retail stores, multiplexes, game zones, ride zones, multi-cuisine food courts, and much more, in the same vicinity, gives a superlative experience that shoppers cannot refuse to discover ‘More’.

Benefits of zone management with Clay & Bricks:

The consultancy that focuses on long lasting decisions.