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Meet your every investment objective with Clay & Bricks’s integrated capital quick-fix solutions ranging from Individual Funds to Consortium Partnership. By understanding the importance of funds that holds back your entrepreneurial instinct, we present a one-stop solution that covers technical, taxation, and legal aspects through the array of investment opportunities.


Private Equity Funds

Two key features of private equity funds are Venture Capital (VC) and Leveraged Buy-out (LBO). In association with top ten firms of India like The Blackstone Group, and (?), Clay & Bricks offers investment and advisory solutions spanning over equity and debt funds for retail property. Our long- and short-term loan strategy, risk-adjustment strategy and smooth investment process assure high Return on Investment (ROI).


Financial Institutions

In the case of start-ups and entrepreneurial ventures, it may be difficult to raise funds from the public source on a primary level. Financial Institutions like India Infrastructure Finance Company Limited (IIFCL), Small Industrial Investment Bank of India (SIDBI), Industrial Finance Corporation of India (IFCI) and Minorities Development and Finance Corporation (MDFC), provide required capital and prevent setbacks. Clay & Bricks helps to bridge the gap between potential lenders to potential borrowers. Our comprehensive guidance reduces the cost of financial transactions, time, and efforts.

Clay & Bricks offers some of the advantages of raising funds through financial institutions:
In-depth consultancy to understand the exact requirement
Prudent investment
Easy repayment measures
Availability of funds even during economic depression
Systematic investigation to check credit-worthiness of a firm
Medium to long term capital


Individual Investor Fund

Individual investor fund refers to a specialized portfolio of a retail investor who buys/sells the securities through a brokerage or under 401(K)s plan. With years of proactive approach and a wide network, Clay & Bricks provides domestic as well as International crowdfunding platforms to accomplish your business activities. Our goal is to focus on minimizing risk and maximizing return that leads to a higher level of economic activities.


Private Trust Fund

Recreate the possibility of venture capital through Private Trust Funds. Clay & Bricks enables the deployment of capital through private trust funds that include colleges, families and corporates. Given the post-pandemic revolution and the recovering economy, we envisage international private trust to deploy more funds in India for better infrastructure and to grab multiple lucrative opportunities.


Pension Funds

Pension Funds do not only secure the financial stability of a retired individual but also contribute to various economic developments for the betterment of society. In association with some of the renowned institutions of India like LIC, HDFC life Pension Plan, Reliance, Max Life, Birla Sun Life, etc, Clay & Bricks offers scalable investment solutions for premium retail projects across India.


Fractional Real Estate Investment

Fractional real estate investment has emerged as a new horizon for the middle class and retail investors among real estate players. It allows investors to buy a portion of property and thus to become a fractional owner with all the benefits without any forthright expenses and bickering. Clay & Bricks encourages this global trend on Indian retail property platforms. We advocate and assemble the potential investors to invest in premium properties on PAN India level. Once the property is fully established, the investors can avail regular monthly income and also get appreciation value as an added advantage. As an additional advantage, through our intense guidance and assistance, the investor can take a voluntary exit by reselling his fraction after a certain period.


Consortium Partnership investment

Consortium partnership refers to collaboration among a bunch of like-minded partners or different entities that either fund any particular project or buy particular property to gain profit. Having an expert team, a wide network and legal insights, Clay & Bricks reverse financial setbacks through consortium partnership. By recognizing special skills and diversity, we deliver partnership, formalize the agreement, that implies contractual relationship. Such partnerships boost strategic representation as different partners contribute to different services or activities.

The consultancy that focuses on long lasting decisions.