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Retail Leasing

Optimize your return on investment by leasing/renting your property that falls under the ‘right match’ criteria.

To hit the right market, the right location is obvious. Clay & Bricks makes sure your brand is aligned with intense demand and competitive advantage. We facilitate cost-effective rent and financial aids to establish the deal in premium retail property.

Clay & Bricks provides comprehensive leasing services that include data service, project management, fitouts, collaterals service, documentation, and liaisoning.

We ensure not to miss-out any potential client through our voluminous channel partners.

To avoid any disagreement in future, the team of Clay & Bricks, facilitate thorough inspection and professional background check of tenants/landlords.

We accomplish establishment of a lease in just 9 simple steps;

The ongoing pandemic has raised many opportunities in leasing retail property. The retail market is in churn up state. Some of the old brands have either collapsed or are on the verge of wrapping up. But, given the touch-feel-try psychology, many new brands have evolved through smart market strategies and want to establish through a diversified customer approach. Malls, highstreets, and showrooms are breeding places for them in the coming future. Hotel industry too, is expanding by leaps and bounds and looking forward to establishing inside the metropolitan hub itself. A right tenant can set a landmark out of a barren land. After all it’s all about changing your dynamics.

Industrial Leasing

Clay & Bricks offers a wide range of services from positioning your asset and finding prospective tenants or a property which sets all your business dynamics including rent.

The boycott china flurry has emerged as a gateway for the ‘Make in India Campaign’ on global platforms. Not only Indian but also international manufacturers have diverted their focus on Indian industrial clusters. Moreover, the government’s decision to reduce corporate tax to 22%, may spur demand for industrial space, in the future as well. Therefore, for the manufacturing industry, physical space requirement is the first consideration.

The recent surge in online shopping, manifested major drivers for warehouses across India. Industrial estate is another domain for large scale entrepreneurial activity. Industrial parks, zones, or townships hold true potential to boost Indian economy.

If you are looking for long term consistent revenue returns on your industrial space, then BTS is the right choice. Build to Suit is referred to a leasing joint venture where a developer or landlord agrees to build up property as per prospective tenants’ requirement.

Ascertain the right property/prospect tenant for your industrial space to derive profit in congruence.

Here are some simple steps to ease the process;

Commercial Leasing

Clay and Bricks envisage premium commercial property leasing with advanced agile solutions and flexibility across India. We offer leasing services for high-end offices and IT parks that have proximity to highways or railway stations, easy connectivity to airport, conference rooms, multi cuisine food court, extensive parking space, fitness centre, garden, grand drop off area and intense social distancing protocol which makes workspace conducive in all respect. Our goal lies in the global client’s needs. Clay and Bricks holds technical knack in providing feasibility analysis, leverage fund strategy, sound investment, legal assistance and other services that lets you focus on your core business rather.

As an impact of post pandemic uncertainty, tenants adopt cautious moves and avoid making long term decisions. With the result, office users’ leasing trajectory moved towards short-term lease, coworking membership, and suburban outpost.

Instep with reshaping the business environment and work culture, a new transformed trend has emerged to fulfil office users’ desire, among landlords, institutional investors and developers. We harmonize the balance between lessor and lessee’s requirements.

We facilitate establishment of a lease in just simple 9 steps;

Land Leasing

Transform your land into landmarks by leasing it to a right tenant and by making your asset safe. Clay and Bricks makes sure to bring up the best that creates maximum value for all spectrum of clients. Our experts hailed for land acquisition services through years of experience, assiduous knowledge, exceptional liaisoning skill, leverage strategy, fund assistance, and property management.

Land reforms in several Indian states are vague. It points out towards its use considering the Land Leasing Act. The lease can be determined according to several purposes like agricultural, factory, educational, hotels, hospitals, parks, BTS (Build to Suit) or mixed-use property. The legal assistance, from Clay and Bricks, assures a transparent and accurate deal which keeps any uncertainty at bay.

Our consultants help you to narrow down your purpose by working out a tailor-made strategy considering location and feasibility, and setting goals for short term or long-term lease.

Clay and Bricks opens its door for highly enthusiastic global entrepreneurs to set their footholds on Indian land. As Louis Glickman says, “The best investment on EARTH is EARTH”, given rising economy and ample resources, India is vividly present in the global economic radar. With our comprehensive services and expertise, it`s like ‘just one move in right direction sets everything right.’

The consultancy that focuses on long lasting decisions.